How it works (FAQ)

We create a weekly report about the changes in your user community (fans). We use the API's (Application Programming Interface) of the social networks to collect your metrics. Those are temporarily stored at our platform in order to process the change in your followers and to produce the graphs. You will automatically receive the result by email.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up with your email address. You don't need any more. We also do not process any other data about you. Just register here .
You can currently query the metrics about your Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts.
With the free plan, the report is sent once a week. We always send it at the exact time you registered with us. If you want to have the report more often, you can upgrade here to the PRO plan.
The service is completely free! Forever! However, we have some restrictions in the features. So that you can use all social networks and all functions, you can upgrade here to the PRO plan.
Below prices you can see all plans and the other functions and buy the PRO plan.